IT Technical Lead

Project Engineering / Management Services (IT Technical Lead)

Main role is to lead the project from technical stand point and help Project Manager with project deliverables. He/she will be the person who will give a tasks to developers and follow up. TL should have strong technical background in different technologies (BI/DI, back-end, front end)

  • Conducting technical discovery work for all phases

  • Identify any technical constraints / issues which should be considered during leveraging of the final solution

  • Evaluate, together with Business Unit Architects, all technical alternatives

  • Prototype Project solution: Perform test installation (on Test servers) on within the IT environment in order to understand customization level required Phase 2.

  • Translate and validate business requirements to solution technical specifications.

  • Act as the technical coordinator between Company and Vendors on technical matters.

  • Provide technical capability scope for projects.

  • Deliver technical components of projects.

  • Develop technical documentation and diagrams.

  • Develop plans (including task listing, efforts estimation and due dates) for integration and customization developments.

  • Responsible for technical testing with the Team.

  • Provide input on Deployment Go/No-Go Decision Criteria

  • Recommend the appropriate IT Support Team Resources to join the project in Phase 3.

  • Develop Support Model, Support RACI, transition to Support documents with the Team.

  • Completion of IT Policy tasks with the Team including the required UPAP Architecture Documentation for assigned projects

  • Assist the Lead Business Unit Architect in planning, defining, designing and deploying solutions, act as Solution Architect when needed.

  • With operational excellence perform any other technical tasks which will be required for project success.

  • At least 5 years as a Solution Architect/ technical Lead

  • Demonstrated previous hands on experience with a technical platform/ technology (SharePoint/ etc.)

  • Previous experience leading a technical team through the development cycle

Location / Schedule:

  • Atyrau, 5 x 2

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