Senior PI Developer


  • Develop PI Design

    • Functional Design

    • Data Design

    • UI Design

    • Technical Design


  • Develop PI Configuration

    • Creation of New PI Tags

      • For ACE Calculations

      • For Data Quality Improvements

    • New Performance Equations (PE)

    • New totalizers

    • New Digital Sets

    • New aggregation tags


  • Develop  Asset Framework (AF)

    • Build AF Structure based on Plant hierarchy

      • Build necessary attributes required for calculations

      • Set validation rules on types of data

    • Build Templates based on asset types

    • Build notification templates

    • Map AF structure to PI tags

    • Ability to add a responsible engineer for the data


  • Develop Advanced Calculation Engine (ACE)

    • Write necessary code for advanced calculations

    • Set rules for stale or bad data


  • Create Custom PI Application:

    • C# and MVC

    • PI SDK

    • AF SDK

    • Custom UI development

    • The ARIP Application will enable:

      • Manual data input for tags that are not automated

      • Identify bad quality data or stale data.

      • Allow the trusted engineer to Mark the data as questionable or substitute the bad data.

      • Comment on the data that is questionable or substituted.

      • If data is marked as questionable or substituted, any calculations based on this raw data must be re-calculated based on new value.


  • Develop PI Notifications

    • Send PI notification to responsible person or group

      • When data is stale or bad

      • When data exceeds set thresholds

      • When validity limit is exceeded.


  • Develop Visualizations and Reports

    • Simple graphs and reports must be developed to show the data

    • Daily graphs and reports

    • Monthly aggregated graphs and reports



  • Technical 4 year degree required

  • Years of Experience – minimum 5 years as dedicated Senior PI Developer

  • Understand and can develop the PI design deliverables – Functional, Data, UI and Technical design

  • Experience in 2010 versions of OSI Soft software

  • PI Server & PI AF 2010+, specifically:

    • PI tag data quality management & PI tag configuration

  • PI Performance Equations, PI Data links, PI ACE

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