IT Analyst/Cost Controller


Job Description (Include, but are not limited to):

  • Serve as a liaison between IT and business departments (Finance, SCM, etc.) for IT contracts/services, business planning activities, etc.

  • Ensure that Contracting Plan has adequate funds to cover commitments.

  • Administer IT time writing process

  • Collect and analyze data to record monthly accruals for IT work.  Prepare monthly detailed variance analysis for forecasting each month and submit monthly forecast.

  • Prepare AFE’s for the IT budget categories as required. Review AFE over expenditures, prepare supplements. Prepare AFE Completion or Partial Completion forms as needed.  Provide Fixed Assets Group with necessary information for capitalization of assets.

  • Reporting/Communication with Chevron Communications 

  • Retrieve and analyze JDE/E1 data to complete cost trends analysis and contract spent for IT.

  • Prepare MR, PO, SO and contracts as needed for the IT business.


Job requirements:

  • Fluent Russian/English, Kazakh is preferable

  • Advanced PC User

  • Good Organizational and planning skills

  • Soft skills:

    • Facilitation skills

    • Communication skills

    • Presentation skills



  • NA


  • Higher Finance/MBA/Economics education (preferably from KIMEP, KBTU or Western University/Bolashak Scholar)

Job Location:

  • Atyrau (5/2)

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