Change Analyst

Job description:

  • Developing change management analysis, change management strategy, task listing or schedule, and all related Change Management 

  • Analysis project deliverables for all Phases of the project – Phases 1 – 5;

  • Interfacing with stakeholders for stakeholder identification, analysis, and engagement;

  • Developing stakeholder engagement plans;

  • Developing communications plan;

  • Developing coffee pots for all phases;

  • Developing monthly newsletter;

  • Writing daily news articles in three languages;

  • Developing the business case;

  • Developing the training plan;

  • Developing benefits and benefits realization plan;

  • Identifying key value metrics and drivers;

  • Develop training programs; conducting classroom style and one on one training;

  • Develop overall change management impact plan;

  • Engage leadership team on changing the culture;

  • Determine and share key messages via multiple channels;

  • Develop new policies and learning and development opportunities;

  • Provide learning and support materials; develop quick reference tools; develop glossary and online help modules;

  • Have broad understanding of platforms and applications across all technologies.

Job requirements:

  • A solid understanding of how people go through a change and the change process.

  • Experience and knowledge of change management principles.

  • Familiarity with Information Technology projects and general project management

  • Exceptional communication skills – both written and verbal.

  • Training delivery skills as an Instructor.

  • Training Room setup expertise.

  • Problem solving and root cause identification skills.

  • Strong analytic and decision-making abilities.

  • Ability to influence others and move toward a common vision or goal.

  • Experience with large-scale organizational change effort and many Stakeholders.

  • Change Management Professional designation is a plus.

  • BA or BS 4 year Degree required

  • Interpretation skills

Location, Schedule

  • Atyrau, 5 x 2

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